Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee
Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee
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Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee

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Roasting specialty coffees produced by small farms and co-operatives using sustainable agricultural practices, since 1998.

Costa Rica

Refreshing. Uplifting. Tasty. Mild.  So delicate and sweet and clean:  a coffee dessert.  It's like a bar of Mexican chocolate; the spice is in the forefront, and the cocoa finish is lovely and delicate. The cup is nutty almond, and it becomes more delicious is it cools.  You'll smile on the inside!

Costa Rican La Rosa is a fabulous washed mild.  Costa Rica is the pinnacle of the Euro prep, and these guys know what they're doing.

Aroma: Cinnamon, Fresh Bread
Body:  Light and Silky, Yet Complex
Cup: Nutty/Almond, Lingering Spice Throughout
Finish: Spice, Cocoa


Beans from Peru have a very smooth, soft aroma. There is a delicate fragrance of cherry from the coffee fruit. Next is a whiff of chocolate caramel candy, and a hint of spice and roasted sugar. It's smooth and creamy.  Did we mention that it's certified organic?

It's creamy and hits the mouth with an exciting brightness. There is just a touch of tannins in the finish.

Peru is not just a name you know. Peruvian coffee is smooth, creamy and predictable (in a great way). These are very consistent coffees, perfect for people who are looking for a predictable drink. Check out this unique coffee before it's gone!

Aroma: Dry, Slightly Toasty Chocolate
Body: Rich, smooth, velvety
Cup: Milk and dark chocolates, toasted marshmallows, black cherry, pepper
Finish: Creamy Hazelnut