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Navajo Diamond Twill Weaving

Weaving Workshop: Navajo Diamond Twill Weaving

Cost: $300 class and $125 tools

Length of Class: 3 days, Saturday August 30th -Monday September 2nd

Time: 9am-4pm (with an hour lunch break daily)

Class Description:

Students will learn on a pre warped Navajo loom. One day one students will insert sheds and shed dowels will be placed into the warp. Students will then begin weaving their textiles. Our goal is to weave at least 1/3 of the textile before the first day is up, 2/3- 1/4 before the second day is up, and on day 3 the student will learn to finish their weavings and take them off the loom. Navajo customs and stories will be shared about the Navajo Diamond Twill pattern.


-Navajo loom with tools $125 for navajo loom, comb and battens. Custom made for this class and will be the students to keep.

-zip ties

-3 skeins of different colored yarn

Please email: to register